What is the meaning of "Taharat HaMishpacha"?

Taharat HaMishpacha is the secret of Jewish femininity. It provides the couple with a divinely ordained framework of commandments. They learn how to relate to each other, building their happiness and devotion. On this sturdy foundation, they can create a superstructure of a happy family and home. The study of these ideas, and their application, helps us discover insights which are ancient – for they were given by G-d on Mount Sinai, but at the same time contemporary – as they are very relevant to our lives as women and as Jews in today’s world.

Women, in particular, are blessed with a yearning for spirituality in their marriage and in their daily lives. A beautiful example of this is Devorah, the wife of Lapidot. Her husband’s religious devotion was elevated when she provided him with the wicks for the Tabernacle, thus ensuring he would be in the company of righteous men. We see that she was rewarded for her actions, as she became Devorah the prophetess.