Children's Motivational Harmony Kit


The Unique parent-children program includes a musical disk with song and stories written by Rebbetzin Tehilla Abramov and presented by, Reb Alter.  Children will enjoy following along with the accompanying illustrated booklet and parents will appreciate the full color Motivational Chart to track their progress.

An educational and entertaining character improvement program that could change your family and bring peace and harmony to your home.

(Also available in Hebrew)

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This kit, consisting of 10 different booklets, is required for those taking the online course and works in tandem with the books and course itself.


Straight from the Heart

Rebbetzin Tehilla Abramov

Nursing my baby – is it the best for him, even if…? This is not only a practical guide to nursing, weighing and weaning. Rebbetzin Tehilla Abramov, founder of the Jewish Marriage Education Network and an internationally-certified lactation consultant presents the Torah perspective on mothering through nursing, along with medical and nutritional information. Review the halachos of nursing, which are usually difficult to find, written here in clear English. New and experienced mothers will refer to this book throughout their babies’ development, making it an essential part of their library. They will surely relate to the inspiring, true stories. Straight From the Heart has become a favorite in Jewish homes and at birth preparation classes. (Also Available in Hebrew, French, Spanish and Portuguese)


How Beautiful is our Heritage-Modesty Guidelines

We hear the word “modesty” again and again. This concise booklet explains its essence. Modesty reflects intelligence. Clearly, we are all clever and intelligent, but living in today’s world confuses us. Basic halachot of tzniut are presented, including guidelines for woman’s behavior in the presence of men.


Guidelines for the Medical Practitioner Concerning the Observant Jewess

This concise brochure is a guide for the obstetrician and gynecologist, acquainting him with the basic laws and practices of Jewish women. It is also a very helpful tool for women – to know how to explain these issues to her physician and improve their communication.